A Complete Guide About Best Diamond Painting Kit For Beginners:

If you are a beginner to the diamond painting world, you will start an interesting adventure that provides hours of fun as you display the ability within you. But most of all, once you complete it, you will have a fantastic piece of art to show proudly, whether it be your home or office. 

The practice of applying thousands of tiny resin diamonds onto a canvas that creates shimmering diamond art is called a diamond painting. It’s a new craft hobby that helps you generate splendid pieces of artwork and is considered a stress-relieving and joyful activity across the world. 

It is the form of mosaic art in which the artist makes a painting by attaching tiny resins that glow like real diamonds on a canvas. All the diamonds collectively make a wonderful painting.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Diamond Painting Kits: 

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There are few things you should consider before purchasing a diamond kit:

Chooses The Genuine Picture: 

It is important to pay close attention to the images that the seller gives. If you cannot be able to zoom in and notice the diamonds, then do not go for it. The painting may look different from the pictures presented on the seller’s website! 

Design Must Be Legally Licensed:

Legally licensed design is essential. You might have noticed the same designs being used by different resellers because designs are being used without the original artist’s consent and without giving credit to the artist. Legally buying designs is actually a way of giving an artist an appreciation.

Prefer Kits With Quality Tools: 

Getting poor quality of the tools in the kits is a common issue among buyers. So, it is essential to choose kits from a seller with a reputation for giving quality products. For instance, the applicator should have fine edges and should be easy to handle. Placers for multiple drills should set those drills with accuracy. 

Kits Must Have  A Lifetime Warranty:

A good lifetime warranty will assure you against any product deficits. If your canvas comes with wrinkles or cracks, if there are issues with the tools that arrived in your kit or some missing diamonds, the warranty assures that you will be refunded or get a replacement. 

Pricing Matters:

In the world of the internet, nothing is concealed, whether it is a price or a quality. Go through the price and reviews of the seller and product before you purchase. 

Types Of Diamond Painting Kits:

Types of diamond painting kits depend upon the complexity of the design you want to try on. Keep these types in your mind before you buying a kit so that you can completely relish the process of diamond painting. 

1.The Full Drill Kit:

The Full drill suggests full coverage of the printed area (the whole picture is a pasting area). Full Drill Kit includes a completely printed canvas with symbols, and the artist will affix drills to the corresponding symbols on the entire canvas. The final result of the full drill picture stands out exceptionally well than a simple framed print. The only drawback is that it is a long and time-consuming process, demanding a lot of tolerance. But the great thing is that creating a canvas of this size would provide you with a great sense of achievement.

The Full Drill Kit

There are two kinds of full drill kits.

  • The Full Square Drill: The full square drill seems like a mosaic, for this diamond painting, many people use the term diamond mosaic. 50% of people who like this art will always prefer this type because they present a clear picture, sharp lines and the fact that there is no open space within diamonds. 
  • The Full Round Drill: The full round drill seems like a cross-stitch, for this kind of diamond painting, many people termed it as a diamond cross stitch. 25% of people who choose this art will always prefer this type because they believe this shape is more suitable for smaller picture sizes such as 15x20cm, 20x25cm, 30x30cm, 30x40cm, and for smaller details. Round diamonds are always more shiny, but there is free space left between the diamonds. 

2. The Multi-Panel Diamond Painting Kits:

The Multi-paneled Kit can include either a full or partial drill canvas. The only discrepancy is that multi-paneled pictures include creating more than just one picture for the whole set to be made. This type is excellent for huge decorating projects, as the multiple panels can be fixed on a wall. Multi-panel diamond painting kits enable you to design pieces that may be a little more tough to do on just one canvas only. These types of kits arrive in both three and five-panel options. They are ideal for vast landscapes. 

3. LED Diamond Painting Kits: 

LED diamond painting kits are ideal for all glittery lovers! This LED kit type includes LED bulbs fitted behind the canvas to brighten up your diamond painting from the back, showing a pretty, bright picture.  

Diamond Painting Kit For Beginners:

LED diamond paintings are trendy for the occasion, like Christmas as their designs somehow appear to catch the Christmas mood. It’s actually like installing Christmas lights on your artwork.

LED kits are also exceptional for cityscape or city skyline pictures as they present the look of a city at night by adding life to the painting. Crystal picks up pens are customarily given with each LED diamond painting kit. Once you complete the diamond painting, you will easily place batteries, hang up that magnificent art piece and switch on its pre-installed button. Then you are ready to experience your new piece of glowing art. 

Few Common Tools Every Diamond Painting Include: 

There are a variety of diamond art kits available in the market, but all the kits have few things in common  

1.    Diamond applicator tool 

2.    Canvas material 

3.    Colorful crystals/gems/drills 

4.    Glue 

  1. Diamond Applicator Tool: 

In order to perfectly placing tiny gems on the canvas, the diamond applicator tool is specially designed to fix small diamonds and help you create your masterpieces conveniently. 

  1. Canvas Material: 

The canvases are usually made of resin, plastic or fabric, provided by easy to follow designs. You can have a customized canvas by sending your image or can choose a pre-design image. 

  • Large Canvases VS Small Canvases:

There are different variations of canvases available. From 20×25 cm to 160×100 cm, canvases of diamond painting arrive in just the exact size for an amount of time you can give to finish them. There are a few elements to notice and remember.  

Firstly, the level of detail in the picture differs when you create a painting with diamonds on large canvases and small canvases. The level of detail is not as great on smaller canvases. Suppose diamond art is like digital photography: and the drills are equal to the pixels, and the bigger the pixels, the smaller the detail. It can be exemplified as when you try to zoom in on a smaller digital picture, the image quality worsens as soon as you do this.

But if you intend to blend 3D and 5D drills, you should go for the larger canvases. The glow 5D drills will enhance and make it much more delicate and thus more incredible in their final look. If you like to add as much all-around gleam as you conceivably can when you paint with diamonds, then choose to use 5D drills on the entire canvas.

Some diamond painting kits represent abstract images that might appear better with larger drills that provide minor detail to add to the general nonrepresentational quality of the diamond art. Custom diamond paintings included with portraits of a person or ornate designs are possibly best achieved with 5D drills to give them the outstanding level of detail they require. 

  1. Colorful Crystals/Gems/Drills: 

There are two types of gems/drills: square and round. Square gems create a fuller-looking piece of artwork, while round gems are used to create a more abstract art piece and are easy to handle comparatively. 

  • Which is better, round or square diamond painting? 

You can choose a drill that is easiest to work with for you, depending on your skills. Round diamonds can be easier to handle for beginners, but square diamonds make a more comprehensive painting even though they do require more effort to place. The choice is up to you! 

  • Square Diamonds VS Round Diamonds : 
  1. Round diamonds are usually liked by beginners, as they are manageable and quicker to pick up and fix on the canvas with the applicator as compared to square diamonds, which are somehow challenging to place correctly.  
  2. Round diamonds are recognized to have a more glittery impression, especially on a larger canvas. As round diamonds do not have edges, it is easy to have more facets than square diamonds.  
  3. The variety of square diamonds fix together very accurately, with no space in between, and are chosen when making larger canvases. Whereas we can see gaps between round diamonds.
  4. Another element people really like about the Square Diamonds is the soothing “snap” sound they make when you are near to finishing and filling in space. The excitement has been associated with popping bubble wrap, which is undoubtedly one of the satisfying things in life


  • Smallest Sized Diamond:

Diamond art is pixel art. Diamond drills are always the same size: 2.8mm. If you prefer to have them in a much smaller diameter, it would be impossible to handle them. 

  1. Glue: 

The glue is used to arrange and bind your gems onto the canvas and can hold them in places. 

The Difference Between 3D & 5D Diamond Painting:

The number of facets on the drill used on each of the canvases actually define the differences between a 5D diamond painting and a 3D diamond painting. A 3D diamond keeps three facets on each side, which is less than on a 5D drill. That tells that while a 3D diamond will still shine from a distance, it will do so less than a 5D Diamond, and the close-up look of the 3D diamond will not reveal as much detail as the 5D diamonds. Just similar to real diamonds, resin diamonds among a diamond art kit glow powerful when the more facets they possess on their surface. 

That does not suggest 3D drills are of no use in diamond painting kits; far from it, they can be utilized in mixing with 5D diamond painting drills to put some additional emphasis on specific portions of the diamond painting canvases. For those beginners diamond painters who could not comprehend a way to emphasize a full drill diamond art kit, then using both 5D drills with 3D drills on the same canvas can be the smart trick.  

If you are having difficulty understanding where you should blend both kinds of drills to emphasize specific parts of your diamond art canvases, let’s illustrate by few examples; for instance, you are working on a diamond painting kit based on a picture of a Christmas evening party. Extra 5D drills drizzled in among the 3D diamonds can add an additional glow around candles, ribbons on gift wrapping, or add mesmerizing glow to a specific beautiful dress. 

Another example is doing the same kind of application to a diamond painting kit of a New Year’s Eve celebration with fireworks! Even birthday party pictures can be used from a blend of 3D and 5D drills on the cakes and decorations, as sparkling hangings will add more depth and detail to a painting. There are several different ways one could use to apply this smart trick to provide your diamond art with that extra charm. All you have to do is to use your creativity in order to create a unique masterpiece.

Final Verdict:

Diamond painting is a passion that can be fascinating and relaxing. Regardless of your mastery level, the perfect canvas and kit will do wonders for you, and the final look will be the one that inspires and attract anybody who sees this masterpiece. 

We hope this detailed guide about choosing the best diamond painting kit for beginners will be a great help for you in your upcoming projects.

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