22 Solutions To Your Diamond Painting Problems

If you are here, you are probably aware of what diamond painting is. If not, let me tell you about it. It is a DIY craft that involves pasting multi-coloured diamonds onto a canvas to craft a shimmering piece of art. Now like every other hobby, diamond painting has multiple benefits, but there are a ton of problems faced by avid diamond painters daily.

But you don’t need to worry anymore! Just scroll through the list of solutions to find the answer to your diamond painting problems.

1. The Canvas Roll Up:

Have you ever rolled up your incomplete canvas and stored it so that you can complete it later, only to find out that your canvas is now wrinkled and would not straighten out like before. I sure have! And I can tell you that it is probably the most annoying problem a diamond painter can experience when his stubborn canvas keeps rolling up and would not allow him to finish his painting in peace.

Solution: Head straight to your kitchen, grab a rolling pin, roll it over the canvas multiple times, but be gentle as you do not want to damage the canvas or the diamonds. Try using a protective sheet before using a rolling pin to preserve the shine of the diamonds. Another way is to iron the canvas, but you have to be careful with this one. Keep the heat at a minimum and use a towel as a protective layer before ironing.

2. Adhesive Dries Out:

Did the adhesive in your canvas dry out due to whatever reason? Or you received an already dried-out canvas, which is the manufacturer’s fault, but now you have to suffer for it? There is no need to panic! Fortunately, there are materials you can use as an alternate to the adhesive.

Solution: If you have a sealant(spray or liquid), you can use it on your canvas and try to stick your rhinestones onto it. If that does not work, you always have the option of using fabric glue.

3. The Horrifying Diamond Spill:

If you are a diamond painter, there is a high chance that this incident has occurred at least once. You may have spilled your diamond packet onto the floor or worse, you knocked off the whole organizing box that had a ton of your diamonds. Now picking each of them up with your hand or the tweezers or whatever tool is a very difficult thing to do.

Solution: If you own a vacuum cleaner, you can use it to suck all the diamonds into that nozzle and transfer them wherever you want.

4. The Diamonds Keep Falling Off:

After completing your project you may notice that some of the diamonds are missing and that too, just after a few hours. It may be the case because they did not stick properly or because of low-quality adhesive.

Solution: When you have completed, leave the painting standing up for a while. If there is any diamond that falls off, you will know, and you can push it back into its place with a pair of tweezers or toothpick

5. Something Is Not Straight:

Sometimes, when you are working on your painting, look at it from a distance, and you will see that some of the diamonds are not symmetrical or appear to be out of place. You have to fix those crooked diamonds, or your painting will look awful once completed.

Solution: Firstly, you should repeatedly look if something is not right to avoid the problem of finding out later. If a few diamonds go out of line, unpick them with a firm hand without damaging the canvas, and stick them into their places before the glue dries.

6. Messing Up The Sealing:

Were you looking forward to a sparkling piece of art after completing the process of sealing your diamond painting, instead you ended up with an ugly transparent cover over a diamond painting, with bubbles and dust clumps trapped inside. That is probably because you directly applied your sealant without wiping dust off of our diamond painting.

Solution: Unfortunately, there is nothing much you can do after you have applied the sealant. If you try to fix it, it will only make your situation worse. A precaution that you can take is to wipe the dust, debris, or dirt off of your painting, with a towel, before applying the sealant.

7. Correct Diamonds Wrong Place:

This often happens when your project is a little too detailed or complicated. You may end up sticking some diamonds in the wrong place and realize later. Now what’s done is done. And this one could be a very elaborate procedure to fix.

Solution: Pick the diamonds up and place them where they are supposed to be. If the adhesive wears out, you can always use ordinary glue to replace it.

8. Mixing Colors Up:

Were you so tempted by the bright-coloured diamonds that you opened all of the packets at once, and now they are all mixed up? There are dozens of tiny, multi-coloured beads, and it is a long process to separate them.

Solution: Use an organizer. Now spending money on buying an organizer may seem like a stretch to some, but having an organized setup of your diamond painting supplies is vital for your mental peace. You can also use an egg carton or some old cardboard box and make your DIY diamond supplies organizer out of it.

9. Eye Straining And Head Aching:

This is the most common problem for people like myself. When I focus on something for too long, my head hurts, and it feels like there is some strain on my eyes, so I can no longer work in peace. I have to spend long hours sitting down on my desk, crafting my diamond art, so it becomes a real problem for me.

Solution: Try working in a space that is well lit and has the least amount of distractions. If the room you work in does not have a lot of lights or you like working at night, you can always order an LED light pad for yourself as it helps reduce eye strain significantly. While waiting for your order to arrive, you can always use an extra iPad as an alternative. You may like to know about The Top 5 Diamond Painting Kits For Beginners.

10. Spilled Drink On Your Canvas:

I know that we all like to snack and have a whole lot of drinks while enjoying a hobby. BUT when you are not careful, you will end up spilling those drinks onto your project.

Solution: If you do so, take a towel and clean your surface with it. Then, use a blow dryer on low to heat to dry your canvas out, and if there aren’t any stains, apply just a dab of fabric glue and continue working.

11. Removing The Film At Once:

Removing the plastic film off of your canvas may seem satisfying at first, but it will cause many issues to you later. Dust and dirt accumulate on the canvas causing the adhesive to wear out. And now you cannot paste your diamonds onto the canvas anymore. The question is, how do I fix this?

Solution: This is as simple as it gets. Use a wipe. Now, it could be a moist paper towel, a hygiene wipe, or a simple baby wipe. Whatever it is, it will work for you. Rub the canvas gently so you don’t end up tearing it apart. And always remember to work in bits and pieces and avoid taking off the film all at once. 

12. It Takes Time:

In the beginning, you will be very enthusiastic and passionate about learning how to diamond paint. After some time, you may get tired of picking up diamonds and sticking them onto the canvas. You will find the prolonged activity that continuously keeps repeating itself as boring, and time-consuming.

Solution: A great solution to this problem is getting a multi-applicator tool. It will allow tens of diamonds to stick on the canvas at a time. It will boost up your process, and painting may not seem as boring.

13. Bubble In My Canvas:

When you open up your brand new diamond painting kit, you will notice that there is a bubble in your canvas. Such issues sometimes occur during the manufacturing or the packaging process.

Solution: This is not that big of a problem, but it is still one. Grab a steel ruler and push the bubble out of your canvas. You can also use a razor blade, needle, or anything sharp to burst the bubble. 

14. My Drills Are Stuck Together:

Sometimes, what happens is that the diamond kit that you order may not be of good quality, due to which the drills may stick together. They might smell oily and sticky.

Solution: The solution to this is to wash your drills thoroughly. Use some dish soap with some water and rub them with a wipe. Allow them to dry completely before using them.

15. Diamonds Have Static Charge:

There is another case where your diamonds can stick to the containers, plastic bags, and just won’t let go. This is an issue faced by many diamond painters during winters and we understand how troublesome it can be. Don’t worry at all, because we have a viable solution to this problem. 

Solution: Try using laundry dryer sheets. Cut a piece of it and store it with your diamonds. Shake the container well, and it will remove the static on your diamond beads. You can also use those dryer sheets to wipe the container off for the same results. 

16. Shortage Of Diamonds:

This may not happen too often, but it still does. Now what happens is that sometimes a particular color of diamonds does not arrive with your kit. Or it did, but you lost it while painting. And now you have a shortage of diamonds.

Solution: If you have been diamond painting for a long time now, you should have an organized supply box that must contain all the extra supplies from your previous projects. If not, you can always contact your supplier and order more.

17. Wax Sticks Everywhere:

Did you fill in your applicator tool with an excessive amount of wax? You might have pushed too hard while pasting the diamonds onto the canvas and now the wax is stuck on the diamonds.

Solution: Clean the wax with a wet wipe before finishing off with your diamond painting, so none of its shine fades. But be careful and gentle while doing so, as you don’t want to damage the diamonds or the canvas.

18. Touching The Adhesive:

You may have leaned in to pick up your diamond supplies and accidentally placed your hand or elbow onto the exposed adhesive. Now once you have touched the adhesive with your bare hands, you can’t turn it back. 

Solution: First of all, clean yourself up. Then try to stick diamonds onto the affected area. If it does not work out, you can always use some fabric glue or mod podge as an alternate to the adhesive. It won’t work as well, but it will surely do the job.

19. When The Custom Kit Does Not Work Out:

Even though customized painting helps you personalize stuff around you, you will need some time to get used to it. Maybe you are not as happy with your first custom diamond painting kit as you expected it to be. Or the colours did not come out as expected. Don’t worry! It will take you some time to master the art of ordering custom diamond painting.

Solution –It is not much you can do with this problem, rather than trying swapping colours for the ones you like more. However, you can take precautions. Always choose a high-quality image for your custom project. Get some knowledge on pixel size, shading, lighting, and more. You can even consult designers or experts at your diamond painting store.

20. The Dried Out Wax:

Did it ever happen to you that you are struggling to pick the diamonds up with the applicator tool, but they are constantly effusing to attach to it, despite being filled with wax? It may be the case due to the dried, old wax, that has been stuck inside the tool and is absolutely useless.

Solution: The solution for this one is pretty simple. Just use a toothpick, a needle, or any sharp object to extract the old wax out of the applicator pen. Then fill it with fresh wax, which will bring the stickiness of your pen back. Bonus tip-always keep your wax container lid tightly closed.

21. Pet Attack:

You must love your fur babies with your whole heart, and there is nothing wrong with that. Just that when you are working on a craft as precious as diamond painting, keep them at a distance. You can sit in some other room, lock your door, or whatever -just keep them as far as possible. Now what happens is that your cat or dog would want to be included in whatever you are doing and not leave you alone. Due to their curiosity, they jump up on your working space and end up sticking their fur all over your canvas, messing up the adhesive.

Solution: Firstly, try to prevent that from happening. Keep your pets far away from your working station. And unfortunately, if they do end up ruining your canvas, you can always use the classic baby wipe hack to try and wipe the fur off. Obviously, the diamonds won’t stick on it afterward, so you will have to use some paper glue.

22. Too Many Choices:

Have you visited a website to get your diamond painting and can’t decide on a single one because they are all so beautiful. Yeah! Been there, done that.

Solution: Almost every website online has their best picks or best sellers section where they have their widely sold diamond paintings. If you have a hard time choosing a good diamond painting, you can always go into this section and narrow your choices down. Hope it helps!

There’s always a tip that I give to all the diamond painters or any artists for that matter: always invest in the best, You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a cheap diamond kit only to suffer from buyer’s remorse later. Buy quality products so that you can enhance your diamond painting experience.

After All, It’s A Learning Process:

Diamond painting is like a relaxing exercise that helps reduce your stress and improves your mental well-being. However, some problems can occur, just like any other craft. But, now that you have read this post, you can be well prepared to tackle any of the issues you face while diamond painting. Read more about A Complete Guide About Best Diamond Painting Kit For Beginners. Always remember that mistakes are inevitable. You can make mistakes even when you are doing this for a long time. That is what makes us human.

Try to learn along the path and make yourself better at what you do. In the end, it’s the process that matters

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