19 Common Diamond Painting Mistakes While Doing Diamond Painting Art

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a mixture of cross stitch and paint by numbers according to the definition of Chu. It is a newly emerging style of painting. It is mainly considered as craft rather than painting because no such paints are used in the making. Anyhow, hundreds to thousands of tiny diamonds like stones are embedded on adhesive canvas. These are embedded according to proper pattern by numbers and cross-stitch.

Canvas can be in any abstract art form or any charming landscape. A set buy containing canvas with a good pattern, diamonds of requirements, and glue stick helps attach diamonds to their positions. A wiper and sealing sheet are also needed for their purposes of use in painting.

19 Common Diamond Painting Mistakes While Doing Diamond Painting Art

The general idea of this type of painting is to use stones and pearls for crafting the art. It is a unique style of painting, but it is not entirely new to our age. The Modern diamond painting was introduced by a Chinese company Guangdong Dazu Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd., in 2010. In previous years Velvet was used as a canvas, but after 2010 Modern adhesives were used to set diamonds on the canvas.  In past times gemstones were placed on Velvet to make the painting. In ancient civilizations, beads and pearls were also used for an earlier version of diamond painting.

Mistakes Happen While Doing Diamond Painting Art Work:

Some things should be kept in mind while you are doing diamond painting because you might get into big trouble if you do not consider these mistakes. It will lead to a loss of interest in diamond painting as you face trouble.

Following are the most repetitive mistakes that most people make while diamond painting, You can also read Solutions To Your Diamond Painting Problems.

1. Choosing The Wrong Place:

Finding a right, comfortable and peaceful place is significant to do the diamond painting. Because any distraction can lead to big chaos that you will be unable to settle down, suppose you are doing diamond painting at an unbalanced place, having children, and lots of other distractions around. Believe me! You will start crying because of facing trouble with one another in managing diamonds and canvas. So, the best idea is to do this in separate rooms or at least a place beyond distractions.

2. Removing The Entire Cover Paper Of Canvas At Once:

It happens with people having very short temper because they want to see the whole scenery at once. Or maybe, accidentally, it went off—the bunch of problems you will face after uncovering it. The adhesive property of canvas will be reduced. Your diamonds would not be attached. Dirt and debris can also be attached to the sticky part. So, the best technique is to start uncovering the paper in rectangular form, step by step.

Once you remove the entire cover of the Canvas, then there is nothing you can do. You can only finish the painting fast, hoping it would not affect the adhesive on the canvas. I would recommend using a new canvas sheet and going step by step. In this way, you won’t risk wasting more of your resources in haste.

3. Rolling Up The Canvas:

Some poor quality of canvas you buy is already present in the roll. So, when you start working, it becomes almost impossible to keep the diamonds glued and in desirable straight space, as it keeps dropping the diamonds by folding up. And eventually, you have to change the canvas for better results. If you keep doing the work on this rolling canvas, there are many chances of diamonds to remove from their actual space.

When your canvas doesn’t say flat, you have to do some immediate steps to ensure the safety of the painting. Use protective film or common cheesecloth to cover the painting. Try to keep the painting as flat as possible to minimize the damage.

4. Unpacking The Packets Of Diamonds In A Hurry:

Diamonds that are used for diamond painting are very small in size. You get them in good packets of different colors. Now, if you are unpacking the packages in a hurry and carelessly. There are many possibilities that you lose your diamonds and get mixed with the colors of diamonds. It will make your work double, and you find it very hard to manage it because it is time-consuming to separate their colors and find the lost diamonds. So, do everything with care and focused attention.

5. Leaving The Diamond Containers Open:

Another mistake that you make while diamond painting is to leave the containers of the diamond open and near to your canvas. It turns out that diamonds will keep spreading and attaching to the canvas, and it will lose the adhesion of the canvas. Meanwhile, you will also lose your diamonds, and ultimately you will get to know that you messed Up!

6. Placing the Wrong Color:

While painting, if you misplaced some diamonds, the symmetry and look of the whole painting will be distorted. You remove that color and place the right one after, but the second will not be attached properly. You can use glue and a warm air blower to fix this, but it, too, needs care and attention.

7. Mixing The Color Of Diamonds:

It happens with almost every second person that they don’t keep different colored diamonds in separate containers. If they hold, they get mixed somehow accidentally. Mixing the colors of diamonds is a big problem because they are so small to be easily separated. Moreover, glue keeps attaching with them, and things seem to be out of control.

8. Keeping Food And Drinks In Your Workplace:

Discussing the mistakes, how this could not be mentioned. We all have snacks while working and keep eating or drinking. There is no problem with that, but you should always care to keep your drinks and food out of your working area doing the diamond painting. A minor spill, the whole canvas is destroyed.

9. Resting Your Arms On Canvas:

Even while painting with a brush, one should not rest their arms on the canvas because it can destroy the painting due to smudges and merging boundaries. In diamond painting, mainly when you rest your arms on canvas. It makes the diamonds crooked and disturbed from their actual place. Some also get off from their patch. The solution is to keep the plastic sheet under your arm according to its length. It will help, indeed.

 Resting Your Arms On Diamond Paintings

10. Placing Diamonds On The Wrong Place:

Most people don’t follow the strategy and symbols of placing the correct colour diamond at the right place, and sometimes significant areas are skipped due to carelessness. Of course, it does not give the proper and perfect look to the painting, and in the end, your work fails to satisfy you because of your negligence. So, the best you can do is place the diamonds in their Specified place.

11. Paint in Surroundings of Pets:

To work around cats or dogs is such silliness. Because the canvas you get to attach diamonds is already adhesive. It happens with lots of people that their pets sit at work. Thus the fur from their body gets an attachment to the canvas, and eventually, they ruin it. It would be appreciated and worthy of keeping the fur animals away from work because they can worsen by creating a mess.

keep animals away from workplace of Diamond Painting

12. Not Wiping Your Painting Down Before You Seal It:

It is necessary to wipe your painting once you are completely done with it. Because when you complete it, you notice that there would be dirt or debris attached with diamonds due to glue which does not give the shimmery and complete look to the painting. So, wipe it all either with a wet cloth or Slime. Both will work. Just clean it carefully, not to remove the diamonds and misplace them.

Always Clean your Finished Diamond Painting Before Sealing it

13. When You Do Not Apply The Seal Correctly:

Another common mistake people do, is to apply the seal carelessly and inattentively. It damages the diamonds by getting exposed to humidity in the air, and the life of painting does not last for long. A good seal and proper seal protect the painting from any atmospheric changes and make it lifetime reliable.

 Apply The Sealer Correctly to the diamond painting

14. Misuse Of Drill Glue:

It happens with the glue that, after some time, it starts to make bubbles on the tip. When these bubbles attach to the canvas, they damage it. Hence, the diamonds don’t get to connect straight to their places, leading to trouble and taking more time to make it right. Use high-quality glue apart from using low-standard material.

Use high-quality glue

15. Working Near Blankets Or Wearing Fur Jackets:

You know that in diamond painting, an integral part is played by the glue and if you are painting near a blanket or wearing fur jackets. There are many possibilities that your blanket or jacket damages the canvas pattern and makes the signs removed. Hence, you will lose track, and painting would be almost impossible. The fabrics from the fur can stick themselves on the adhesive and seriously compromise The quality of the canvas. To avoid these mishaps, it is strictly recommended to have a separate studio away from the materials, which can cause a Total waste of your valuable time.

Keep Your Diamond Painting Canvas Away From Clothing Fur

16. Using Poor Quality Material:

No doubt, the material has a significant role to play to get the fine diamond painting. It cannot be denied. Good quality canvas does a bit of roll so, it will not double your burden. Also, a good-quality glue drill will not make bubbles to destroy or damage your painting. The best material you have is the best result you will get in the form of a perfect beautiful diamond painting. The best will cost much, but consider their lives for a long-lasting period without any problems and issues.

Always buy High Quality Diamond Painting Kits

17. Doing Work In A Hurry Without Proper Management:

Haste makes waste. Significantly, while doing the diamond painting. A little carelessness will make things out of control. Adequate management and calmness in work will help you get your desired output in a minimum amount of time. Things don’t get normal in a hurry. You may mix the colour of diamonds or let the pet go into your workspace unconsciously.

Do Diamond Painting With management and calmness

18. Working Without Proper Light:

Light is essential to do any work with accuracy. But in diamond painting, especially without the proper amount of light, you would not notice the dust and debris over your work. Moreover, you will keep losing stuff like diamonds. So, work with insufficient light to avoid dirty results and facing such trouble that limits your work energy.

Work on Diamond Painting With Proper Light

19. Accidentally Touching The Exposed Adhesive:

Even while working carefully in a step-by-step order, there is a major chance of touching the adhesive on the canvas. It won’t affect your hand or body in any way, but it will surely reduce the adhesion in the canvas. It is not one of the biggest mistakes, but it is quite common. The remedy is quite simple: after getting stuck on a point in canvas, try to drill on the points to check for adhesion. Wear coveralls and protective gloves to avoid contact with the canvas to prevent further damage.

don't touch the glue on diamond painting sticky canvas


Above mentioned mistakes are the most common mistakes people make while doing diamond painting, making their work messed up. These mistakes are elaborated, and many of them are provided with the best solution. So, you don’t ever fail to give your best in painting with diamonds. By following the techniques and minimizing the errors or mistakes, you will get the perfect output to make you happy. You may also read about how to choose Diamond Painting and Top 5 Diamond Painting Kits For Beginners.

Diamond painting is quite different and unique from other sorts of painting and drawing. Canvas for diamond painting is quite different and unique in their types. If one has taste in it, they certainly have a unique personality.

Summing it all up, diamond painting is unique and unforgettable but exciting. It gets more interesting and amazing once you start doing it, taking care of all the above mistakes and not repeating any of them. With all requirements mentioned above, you can get perfection in your work.

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